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2023-2024 Schnee Learning News & Updates

Introducing Yondr

How YONDR Works


Upon entry, your phone will be placed inside a Yondr pouch.


Once inside the phone-free area, the pouch will be locked. You will maintain possession of your phone at all times.


To use your phone at any time, step outside the phone-free zone and tap your pouch on an unlocking base.

The Schnee Mission

We understand that every student has a different set of needs. Mix that in with unforeseen events and sometimes your student gets lost within a school system that cannot provide the time and attention to help your student graduate.

At Schnee, we understand that our classroom environment can support and sustain our students to lead them to graduation. Learn why we are the number one second chance school in the state of Ohio!




by the


you build


Anthony Pallija

Executive Director

Schnee Expectations

The Schnee Learning Center shall require each student of this District to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct/Student Discipline Code adopted by the Board and to submit to such disciplinary measures as are appropriately assigned for infraction of those rules. Such rules shall require that students:

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